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Customer acquisition is key and vital in every business. The acquisition process is specifically concerned with aspects like acquiring customers at low cost, acquiring as many customers as possible, acquiring customers who are indigenous and business oriented, acquiring customers who bring referral business continuously.

Results & Growth Network encompasses a strong work ethic, reputation and standard that attracts, retains and nurtures a list of highly profitable clients. Our marketing strategy is crafted as a smart approach that involves direct face-to-face communication which is the easiest and inexpensive tactic that simply works. Our client’s demands have always been met if not exceeded. We ensure to keep a very important principle since quality is far more important than quantity. Our firm’s criterion is to first master a client, their vision, mission and targets, and then we multiply demand.

Results & Growth Network possesses a structure. Structure is a vital element in all businesses that creates order. When a business is run systematically, the results are predictable and goals can be achieved. Therefore, systems create the results and order is a positive work ethic that is unanimous and has a standard of its own. Each day has a structure where we carry out leaders meetings, workshops, pitch-training sessions, information workshops, professional evaluations and daily concluding production summaries. The work environment is professional and the atmosphere is impressive where the team mates build a connection with the client and truly market the cause/product with care.​

Together, we can make a difference

R & G Network is a modernized acquisition and consulting firm that specializes in the strategic planning and tactical execution of operations on behalf of recognized charitable organizations as well as various promotional companies. We are committed to making a difference by assisting both non-profit organizations and promotional companies by meeting client demands through various strategic marketing and advertising methods. 

We offer dynamic techniques combined with proven systems that allow us to continuously generate results thus, exceeding our clients demand. Our dedication to excellence has made R & G Network one of the fastest growing consulting companies in Canada.


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At the R & G Network, we put clients first by giving you access to some of the best minds in advertising, marketing and promotions. We put clients first by recruiting only the best talent for our multi-disciplinary team of strategic thinkers, directors, designers, developers, creative writers, and representatives to work on your venture.

Putting client’s first means taking a personal, face-to-face approach to dealing with our clients, and being able to ask the tough questions to ensure the fullest impact of the campaign. Putting clients first also means pushing our marketing team to stay on the cutting edge, and continue coming up with fresh concepts. It also means pushing our agents to produce your wanted results in a timely manner, and to the highest standard.

R & G Network offers full service acquisitions & consulting services to various groups of non-profit organizations as well as a mixture of promotional companies. Client relations are a key element of our success; our ongoing commitment to our clients and our ability to serve their needs is extraordinary in our industry. To this degree, we constantly communicate with our clients and organizations to better understand their goals and concerns. We then take necessary steps to align our goals with those of our clients.

Growth is never by mere chance; 
                           it is the result of forces working together."  
                                                                                                                                                                         - James Cash 

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Our Non-Profit Client Performance Numbers
We have acquired more than 25,000 donors for our charity clients within 3 years & growing....
Our Telecom Performance Numbers
We have acquired more than 22,000 customers for our telecom clients within 2 years and the numbers are still growing...

We have allowed our clients to grow and expand by our phenomenal production numbers. Our advertising allocates businesses and nonprofits to communicate straight to the customer and easily demonstrate track-able, measurable responses from customers. We hold a well-executed direct advertising campaign that proves a positive return on investment with our firm. Our bottom line is to provide growth and expansion for your organization.